Benfits of Parking Solutions

12 April 2022
Ziba Mahdi


The newest game changer in parking integrates technology with a daily headache every driver faces. Essentially, it helps customers navigate parking with the help of real-time data so they can easily locate parking spaces nearby instead of searching aimlessly. Most solutions usually use an app to communicate this information to drivers. No longer does one have to rely on luck or instinct to find a suitable place for their car.

Numerous cities and private organizations have started adopting smart parking solutions to combat traffic congestion and environmental pollution. Smart parking can be customized according to the organization’s needs. Some companies (such as use license plate recognition systems to manage exit and entry in parking lots. Others offer a central control center with which an operator can have the entire overview of the parking space.

total parking solutions

Advantages of parking solutions:

1. Parking availability can be tracked through data stored in the cloud.

2. Vehicle sensors can detect the number of cars in a parking lot as well as their location.

3. Promotes sustainability by cutting carbon emissions.

4. Volume of traffic and time can be reduced through proper utilization of parking solutions.

5. Parking violations are decreased.

6. They’re easy to maintain and operate.

7. Can be installed on surface, underground and semi underground.

8. Can be used to detect when non-disabled people are illegally occupying disabled parking spaces.

9. Improves customer experience.

10. Increases revenue for organizations by decreasing management and labor costs.

11. Offers convenient, automated payment options.

12. Security cameras ensure safety against trespassers and criminals by monitoring entry and exit, making it more secure than traditional parking systems.

13. Provides valuable parking data.

As technology continues to improve, smart parking will likely develop further and become even more mainstream than it is. Considering the variety available in this industry, it would be prudent to utilize its resources to the fullest and become more sustainable in the long run.

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